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Setup menu mainly contains submenus for initial Setup of MoneyCare + program. Submenus are shown in Figure C.

Figure C. Sub Menu Of Setup Menu

13) User Information: This opens window for entering User Information as shown in Figure 9. You can add Your Name/Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, E-Mail Address, Logo (if any) etc. Multiple Phone Numbers and Fax Numbers can be added by separating with a coma. Additionally, information such as Unit/Branch/House (Eg: Production Unit, Sales Division, Home, Office etc.) also can be entered for initial Setup. There should be at least one entry for Unit/Branch/House (before entering Income/Expense particulars), since program may require to detect transactions in various Unit or Branch or House. If you do not require to specify particular Unit or Branch or House, you may again enter what that is entered for user name. However, there should be at least one entry in the space provided for Unit/Branch/House, since program is detecting transactions corresponding to it. Home, Office and Personal is entered for Unit/Branch/House by default. You may Delete these default entries and may Add other Unit/Branch/House, if required. It depends on you to put the information relevant to the context. If you add any Logo, it will be displayed in reports.

Figure 9. User Info

If you want to add another Unit/Branch/House later, you may add it later. If you want to delete any Unit/Branch/House, select it from the combo box and click Delete button. If it is Income or Expense entered Unit/Branch/House, then Backup recommending message box will appear to confirm that you really wanted to delete it. Take care while deleting Income or Expense entered Unit/Branch/House as it may lead to lose data relevant to the deleting criteria.

14) Currency Settings: Here you can setup the Currency symbol (Figure 10). You may enter $ or any other Currency symbol that is considered to be the symbol of your currency.


Figure 10. Currency Settings Window

15) Add/Delete Category: This is to add required Income/Expense categories that may be used in transactions. Description for each Category can be given, if required. You may Add more and more categories later also. Make sure you have selected appropriate button for Income or Expense, while entering each Category in the space provided. Provision is there for deleting a specified Category also. Add/Delete Category window is shown in Figure 11. 

Figure 11. Item master window

After typing Category in the space provided, if you click Add button, it will be added to the list. If you select any Category from the list and click Delete button, a window will appear to select the Unit/Branch/House from which it has to be deleted (this happens only if  transaction is entered in this category). If you select all Unit/Branch/House, it will be deleted from the Category list. If you have not selected all the Unit/Branch/House, Category will remain in the Category list... but entries in that Category relevant to selected Unit/Branch/House will be deleted and will reflect in the reports. Add/Delete Category window can be accessed by clicking on blue square Icon on MoneyCare + interface or by pressing the keys Ctrl and M simultaneously. If required, you may assign another shortcut key also using Menu Shortcut Keys in Default Settings window.

16) Default Settings: This is for the Default Settings in MoneyCare +. Provision is there for enabling Automatic Backup (for automatically backing up database while closing MoneyCare +), setting Backup Database path (folder to where backup file should be stored) and enabling Automatic Compacting (for automatically compacting database while closing MoneyCare +). You can also opt Bypass Password (if you do not require password, this will avoid password prompt while starting MoneyCare + each time), Launching Application on Windows Startup (to start MoneyCare + program when you start Windows ) etc. Compact Database is to compact the Database as its name implies. If you have done certain task like deleting old data, data file may not reduce the size. Compact Database can rectify it. General Settings page in Default Settings window is shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12. Default Settings Window

Figure 13. Preference Settings Window

Preference Settings in Default Settings window contains provisions for displaying/printing Logo at header and E-Mail, Phone Number and Fax Number at footer of the Report page. You can set preferred background color also.

Figure 14. Menu Shortcut Keys

Menu Shortcut Keys in Default Settings window contains provision for setting the keyboard shortcuts. With this option, you can use your own custom keys to invoke certain windows. Select the required option from left list box and then type desirable key/letter in the space provided. If this key is already taken for another window, there will be indication in red letters. If it is not taken, click Assign and then click OK. Do not forget to click Assign button before clicking OK. If custom keys are assigned, instead of going to relevant menu and submenu you may press those keys.

17) Setup Wizard: This will start all the already explained Setup options one by one for initial Setup of MoneyCare +. This is an easier method to start initial Setup of this program, after installation.

18) Delete Old Data: This may be done to increase the speed of MoneyCare + program and to save space and size of the database. You can delete Expense, Income or both until a specific date. This removes old data consisting transactions until the selected date. Income/Expense details after the selected date remain in the program. Delete Old Data window is similar to Figure 15.

Figure 15. Delete Old Data Window

Make sure you have selected appropriate checkbox for Income or Expense before deleting old data. Then press OK button. If you press OK in the message box, a confirmation message box will appear as shown in Figure 16. Old data can be deleted according to your response. Deletion of old data speeds up MoneyCare + program. This is especially in the case where size of database file is larger than 3 MB.

Figure 16. Message Box Confirming Deletion

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