MoneyCare+ Overview 

Do you want an accounting package that is free from the complexities of Accountancy?
Do you want a package that is simple to use, yet very powerful in one's day-to-day money dealings?
Do you want to track your day-to-day Income as well as Expenses?
Do you want a package that costs very less compared to other accounting packages?

Then MoneyCare + may match your expectations. MoneyCare + is designed and developed with an eye on the common man's view of an accounting system.

MoneyCare + is a software to keep record and calculate Incomes and Expenses of Individual or Home or Business. System provides an interface for entering Income and Expense details. Provision is there for editing Income and Expense details later, if the user enters incorrect details. User can assign desirable keys for main frequently used functionalities. Provision is given to protect program by Password and to generate various reports like Daily Account Reports, Monthly Account Reports, Specified Period Reports, Listing of all Incomes and Expenses within a Specified Period, Listing of Incomes/Expenses from selected Items or Category, Listing of all Income and Expense from selected Company Unit/Branch/House etc. Additionally‚Ķcertain functionality of this software can be extended later using various available Addins that can be bought separately and plugged into this software.  

    Main Features
  • Very simple and easy to use compared to other accounting packages
  • Tracks income and expenses based on selected units
  • Option for reminding your payments
  • Various types of useful reports
  • Interfacing with other accounting systems

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